A young athlete going a thousand miles an hour, powering through the water, must decide whether her dream to win an athletic scholarship is really her own. 


This film is about that moment when you must become yourself even if disappointing everyone you love is imminent. ‚Äč


Our world is fast. The number of people to which we are connected has grown exponentially. All of the sudden, the possible life choices are endless, and they must be made sooner rather than later. Life is a long race towards success. Do it fast, do it well, do it now. Perhaps intimate knowledge of the self is the single most useful weapon we can posses. At sixteen years old, that is a tall order.


Becoming your own person is not exclusive to this generation, but the stakes of choosing wrong at an early age are much higher today. Sixteen year old Andrea has everything to succeed as a competitive swimmer: talent, determination, training, but most importantly the overwhelming support of her single mother. But Andrea does not want to swim. When the path is seemingly clear, and you carry the burden of your family's sacrifices, speaking the truth feels like betrayal.


This film explores that inevitable moment when you must disappoint the ones you love to become yourself. For a person of color without the luxury of endless exploration, damaging your relationship with family makes this decision even harder. This film is a reminder that succeeding in life can also mean taking time to know yourself. And that courage is being that self despite the circumstances. It is a reminder that human connections are much stronger than we think, and that sometimes disappointing one another is necessary to make them even stronger.

(Graphics inspired by the work of  Martina Lee!)